Natural Gas Efficiency for Home Heating

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Natural gas is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home, especially one in colder climates, and high natural gas efficiency ratings stem from many reasons. For one, natural gas burns more cleanly than other fuels, offering more heat for less consumption. Secondly, it has resulted in boiler manufacturers’ ability to create and utilize technology that makes the most of that efficiency. And third, natural gas is much cheaper to bring into a home than other heating options such as electricity, fuel oil, or wood. As you can see, there are many reasons to choose natural gas over other methods of home heating, and going with natural gas can save time and money in the long run.

More Heat for Less Consumption with Natural Gas Efficiency

It’s a proven fact that less natural gas is needed to produce the same amount of heat as other heating or fuel sources. These other heating sources can be fuel oil, kerosene, wood or pellets for stoves, or even just electricity. This natural gas efficiency makes natural gas a prime choice when it comes to heating your home. With this kind of natural gas efficiency, it is easy to see why most home builders choose to install gas boiler systems in new homes, and why existing homeowners are choosing to replace older and out-of-date systems with newer boilers or furnaces that heat the home with natural gas.
With natural gas, your heating source also doesn’t sit around in your home waiting for you to use it. This eliminates the possibility of evaporation, leaks through drips in outside storage tanks, or wood and/or pellets going bad with moisture in a basement or other storage location. This storage not only takes up valuable space in your home, but it can be costly if the storage were to fail in some way. Natural gas doesn’t need to be stored in most cases and can be pumped in on-demand, only when it’s needed, eliminating this need for storage.

Better Efficiency with New Technology and Natural Gas Efficiency

A gas boiler can run at up to a 97% efficiency rating, saving money while also being conscious of the environmental impact that heating your home is having on the world around you, especially your immediate community. Heating bills will be less, even in the winter, than you ever thought possible when you use natural gas to heat your home.
New boilers and furnaces are designed to work with the natural gas that currently exists with the product itself. They use natural gas only when needed and use it as efficiently as possible to heat the home or heat water for the home in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Natural gas efficiency makes it perfect for home heating.

Cheaper to Bring In: Better Natural Gas Efficiency

Electricity loses nearly two-thirds of the energy that is actually ‘usable’ by appliances and other devices in our homes from the time it’s produced to the time it gets to the home to be used. This isn’t very efficient and doing things that would consume a large amount of electricity only add to the ineffectiveness of this process. With natural gas, you get natural gas efficiency without having to use as much electricity, which saves a lot of money over time. Natural gas, from the time it’s taken from the ground and the time it reaches the home, will lose less than 10% of its usable energy – considerably less compared to electricity.

Save Time and Money with Natural Gas Efficiency

Using natural gas in your home for home heating and the heating of the water for your home will save time by cutting down the amount of time spent on having other types of heating sources delivered and stored at your location. It requires less maintenance, which also drastically reduces the amount of time you have to spend. Because you will only pay for exactly what you use, when you actually use it, natural gas efficiency will allow you to see just how much you are saving over other forms of home heating, especially if you’ve had other types of heating systems in your home in the past. And because natural gas efficiency ratings are higher than other types of home heating sources, you won’t be wasting money on inefficient home heating systems anymore.

Overall, it’s easy to cut back on home heating costs by switching to a more efficient system; namely, one that can utilize natural gas to its greatest potential. You can create more heat for your home by using less of the product, which leads to fewer costs and a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. There can even be grants and tax deductions or credits available to homeowners or business owners who switch to a more efficient, natural gas heating system. This would require you to have the newest technology that utilizes gas to its highest potential, but it would also ensure that you are spending as little as possible on heating costs and you are being as ‘green’ as possible where the environment is concerned. Natural gas is also easier and cheaper to bring into the home, even if you do have to store it on-site with a storage tank. The storage tanks are safe and efficient, just like the gas. However, in most cases, you can have natural gas pumped directly to your home so that you can use it only when necessary, reducing costs even further.
Having natural gas in your home for home heating and water heating purposes helps to save both time and money because of its natural gas efficiency. Look at your home heating costs and see just how much the efficiency of natural gas can help you reduce that bill. A certified natural gas boiler or furnace installer can tell you about the options you have for your home and about the cost reduction you can expect to see with natural gas efficiency.